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How does it work?

You need totes to move, contact ReBox , pick from one of our three packages (home page).

We will then deliver the totes a week before you move and pick them up a week after

(2 full weeks-14 days) to pack and move.

If you would like to keep them longer, no problem, we offer weekly extensions.

Delivery and Pickup are free.

Think about all of the time and money you spend looking for boxes and effort it takes to build all of those cardboard boxes, just to give you a box with no handles that does not stack well; not to mention having to mess with that fussy tape.

ReBox is a better, faster, easier, and cheaper way to pack and move.

All you need to do is make one call and we'll drop off your Boxes on the delivery date.

You pack, stack and move.

When the Boxes are empty, just call us and we'll come over to your new place and pick them up.

It's just that simple.

Still have some unpacked totes you want to keep in storage, no problem, you can purchase them for an additional charge.

The ReBox way